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Department of Education

Welcome to Lukenya College Department Of Education, our vision is to be a nationaltionally competitive hub in the preparation of professional teachers for enhancement of the welfare of humanity. The department has continuously grown since 2013,  and it is the largest department with an enrollment in various education programmes. The School attracts  students from all over Kenya.

The enormous growth in student population is based on the School’s popularity that is attributed to the tradition of quality education programmes offered through its professional courses namely Educational Foundations; Educational Communication and Technology; Educational Psychology; Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies; Special Needs Education; Early Childhood Studies.

Business Department

The department offers an exceptionally wide and unique range of market driven programmes both at certificate and diploma levels.  These programmes are constantly reviewed to reflect the ever dynamic business environment.  By undertaking our programmes you are assured of obtaining a marketable certificate or diploma that reflects the breadth and depth of the school and our l reputation.

We endeavour to produce Qualified Accountants and Finance professionals and practitioners committed to excellence and Integrity in the field of Accounting and Finance to meet the changing needs of the society.

Technical Department

The Technical Department trains students who will serve in the public and private sectors. The department offers Artisan, Certificate and Diploma courses in the range of courses we have. Special programs, such as Computer Maintenance and upgrading courses  are also offered.

To be a dynamic college, committed to scholarship in teaching, research, training and community service.

To provide demand driven curricula and adequate resources with the aim of producing graduates equipped with skills relevant to market needs.

To Embrace a Green philosophy which fosters the use of innovative technologies in global food security, energy and sustainability, health and universal education.

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