1. Education Department.

Headed by Mr Fredrick  Nzavi

Message from the HOD

Welcome to Lukenya College Department Of Education, our vision is to be a nationaltionally competitive hub in the preparation of professional teachers for enhancement of the welfare of humanity. The department has continuously grown since 2013,  and it is the largest department with an enrollment in various education programmes. The School attracts  students from all over Kenya.

The enormous growth in student population is based on the School’s popularity that is attributed to the tradition of quality education programmes offered through its professional courses namely Educational Foundations; Educational Communication and Technology; Educational Psychology; Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies; Special Needs Education; Early Childhood Studies.

The School has highly qualified and experienced academic staff and support staff, Headed by the Dean whose role is to operationalize activities of the School with the assistance of an Associate Dean.

Quality assurance of our programmes is a major part of the Schools’ activity that takes the form of periodic reviews and feedback from stakeholders. The School has continued to contribute substantially to the development of the Kenyan educational sector through staff participation in national education workshops and task forces. Our staff has also been exemplary in embracing capacity development in use of innovative pedagogies, new education and communication technologies as well as strengthening examination processes. Where comparatively large numbers of students are involved.

Besides these, the staff are involved in educational research in partnership with global partners; attending and hosting learned conferences, and publishing research papers.and As a School, we continue to embrace principles of governance and endeavor to always demonstrate professionalism while enthusiastically advancing our vision and mission in the service to humanity through the discipline of Education.

Once again welcome and join us in using education to change the world.

The department of education offers training for teachers in the following areas.

  1. Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE) for secondary school teaching
  2. Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) for primary school teaching
  3. Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) for pre-primary teaching
  4. Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) for pre-primary teaching
  5. In each area, at any given time, the trainee teacher undertakes Teaching Practise, which is mandatory for all the teachers. Their marks are forwarded to KNEC, and they appear in their final transcripts and certificates.