Headed by Simon Mutunga


The Technical Department trains students who will serve in the public and private sectors. The department offers Artisan, Certificate and Diploma courses in the range of courses we have. Special programs, such as Computer Maintenance and upgrading courses  are also offered. The department has  workshops and adequate infrastructure for this training..

The projected focus of the department is to expand the training of Certificate and  Diploma students,


  •       To equip trainees with relevant technological skills, knowledge,

attitudes and values to enable them serve as professionals in the careers

they choose.

  •     To produce skilled persons and technologists to meet market demand
  •       To develop research skills in both technical workers and technologists

Under the department we have the following sections:

  •         Building & Civil Engineering.
  •         Social work & community development.
  •         Electrical & Electronics.
  •         General agriculture.
  •         Hospitality.
  •         Cosmetology.

Building & Civil Engineering.

  •         Certificate in Building Construction Technology Module I and II.
  •         Diploma in Building Construction Technology Module I, II and III.
  •         Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology Module I, II and III.
  •         Diploma in Civil engineering Module I, II and III .
  •         Artisan in certificate in Masonry Regular, not Modular.
  •         Artisan in certificate in Carpentry Regular, not Modular.
  •         Welding Short Course.

Social work & Community Development

  •         Diploma in Social Work & Community Development Module I, II and III
  •         Craft Certificate in Social Work and Community Development Module I and II


  •         Diploma in Food & Beverage Management Module I, II and III
  •         Craft Certificate in Food & Beverage Production Sales and Services Module I and II.
  •         Artisan Certificate in Food & Beverage Regular, not Modular.
  •         Cake Baking & Confectionaries Short Course
  •         House Keeping & Laundry Short course
  •         Diet Therapy Short course

Electrical & Electronics

  •         Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Module I, II and III
  •         Artisan Certificate in Electrical installation Module I, II and III
  •         Certificate in Solar Installation Technology Module I and III
  •         Electrical Installation (Wireman) Short course


  •         Hairdressing Short course
  •         Massage therapy Short course
  •         Beauty therapy Short course
  •         Facials, Makeup artistry & Color Analysis Short course


  •         Diploma in general Agriculture Module I, II and III
  •         Craft Certificate in General Agriculture Module I and II
  •         Artisan Certificate in Agriculture. Regular, not Modular.

Under the new Competency-Based Curriculum dispensation, the department is hoping to roll out several courses that shall be examined by CDACC.

These shall include;-

  •         Building Technician Level 6
  •         Masonry level 3
  •         Plumbing Level 3
  •         Welding level 4
  •         Welding & Fabrication Level 6
  •         Tourism management Level 6
  •         Tourism & Travel management Level 5
  •         Poultry Breeding and hatchery operations level 5
  •         Poultry hatchery operations Level 5
  •         Agricultural extension Level 6
  •         Agripreneurship Level 3,4,5 & 6
  •         Motorcycle Mechanics Level 3
  •         Baking Technology Level 3,4,5 & 6
  •         Food Technology Level 5 & 6
  •         Interior design Level 5 & 6
  •         Beauty Therapy Level 3,4,5 & 6
  •         Hairdressing Level 3,4,5& 6

The Technical Department strives to produce a skilled workforce for the rapidly growing modern industry. Our trainees are taken through theoretical and practical lessons in their areas of training before proceeding for a mandatory industrial attachment at a busy Relevant industry or office.

At the Institute our trainees are engaged in any Institution Production works within their areas of training so as to give them a gainful experience.